FAQ and Program Guide

1. Description of Assistance Provided

Community members can apply for assistance from the A.C.E. Fund for the following immediate expenses:

– Rent/mortgage assistance 
– Medical expenses/prescription medication assistance
– Utility bills
– Food/grocery expenses

Distributions can be requested with no minimum and a per person cap of $250.00. If donations allow, we will consider grants larger than that sum on a case by case basis, but we also realize that the need may and most likely will outpace resources.

We seek to balance the streamlining of getting funds to those that need them quickly with the transparency we wish to maintain towards our community.
To that end, we only ask for:
– Name
– Address
– Purpose of funds requested

These items are specifically mandated by the IRS.
Due to the sensitive nature of this program we will not disclose personal information of recipients without their explicit consent.

2. Who is eligible to apply for assistance

Any community member of the greater Los Angeles Leather/kink/bdsm communities are eligible to apply with residence zip codes in the following five geographic areas:

  • Los Angeles County
  • Ventura County
  • San Bernardino County
  • Riverside County
  • Orange County

3. How can you apply?

On this website, go to the “A.C.E. Fund” drop down menu and click on the “Application” tab. Fill out the brief form which will then be sent to our review committee. All applications will be responded to as soon as received. The committee will be reviewing applications within no more than 24 hours of receipt and distributions will occur within no more than 48 hours of receipt of application and approval.

4. Tax Information

All funds distributed are tax exempt for recipients and all donations are eligible for a tax deduction to those who donate per the rules outlined by the IRS.

5. What is the selection criteria?

We seek to balance distributions on a “greatest need” basis. We ask our community to please recognize that regardless of amount of donations, we expect need to far outstrip resources so please understand that this fund is for those in immediate and specific need for those basic life expenses outlined in section 2.

Applications will be reviewed by all members of the selection committee.

The A.C.E. Fund and FoundNafion commits to ensuring decisions are made recognizing our diverse communities and the different needs present. To that end, and to ensure compliance with IRS rules, we commit to objective review of all applications and sensitivity to ensure non-discriminatory practices in selection and distribution of funds.

This fund will exist and distributions will occur until which time either the need is no longer present, and/or no funds exist to support its continued function.

Any applications not funded will be wait listed with priority given recognizing both need and duration wait listed.

The selection committee reserves the right to partially fund applications utilizing the best judgment to maximize impact and benefit across the spectrum of need.

Any application not accepted will be given written explanation on why it was rejected.

6. How will funds be distributed?

Once approved, funds may be distributed via cash, check, or electronic payment. Due to record keeping requirements, no distribution may occur without proper documentation and signed receipt.

All distributions will occur within 48 hours of receipt of application and on a case by case basis, emergency expediting may be available upon reasonable request.

7. Description of Costs Associated with Providing Assistance

We seek to maximize every penny given to support our community members in need. To that end, we commit to full transparency as allowed by law towards those efforts.

The only expense that will be taken from any donation or distribution are fees charged by electronic transfer services (paypal) or bank transfer fees if such method is used. 

We are actively working with these financial institutions to ask for a reduction or elimination of these fees.
The FoundNation commits to not taking one cent for any other cost or purpose other than direct distribution to those in our community of need.

Per the IRS rules, ALL funds must be used directly for relief efforts and cannot go to any other programs. We are in full agreement and will fully comply and act accordingly.

8. Conflict of Interest

To ensure no conflict of interest, no board member of The FoundNation, or staff of any of its programs or subsidiaries or any of their relations shall be eligible to apply for or receive any distributions from the A.C.E. Fund.
Furthermore no appointed liaison from any community partner nor any relation to them are eligible to apply for or receive any distribution from the ACE fund.

Any application that represents any conflict of interest for any member of the selection committee must be reported to the entire committee and that member must recuse themselves from any involvement in that application process.

We have full faith in our respective Board members and selection committee members and we enforce a zero tolerance and proactive policy to ensure full fairness and transparency to act in good faith and with respect to our community’s trust.

9. Composition of the Selection Committee

At launch, the A.C.E. Fund selection committee will be comprised of three members, whom are also the elected executive board of The FoundNation.

In the community these members are known as Scarlett Sin, Cypher and Pup Yoshi.
Additionally: Mea, Beacon ONYX, Duke Ruff, Persefonie di Stefano, Julie Vanderlee, Pixie Mary, Fifi Lafille

We are actively seeking other community partnerships and liaisons to be assigned and join this committee. Due to the nature of The FoundNation’s reporting and fiduciary responsibilities to the IRS there will never be less than two members of the selection committee from the FoundNation executive board.

10. Additional Resources