A.C.E. Fund

The Angel City Emergency Fund was established as a rapid assistance measure for those in our communities who are facing immediate need for basic expenses during the outbreak and resulting hardships of the COVID-19 outbreak.

While launched by The FoundNation in an effort to utilize our existing infrastructure, this effort is actively seeking and soliciting community partnerships with any and all greater Los Angeles based clubs, organizations, bars, community spaces and individuals as a joint effort to signal boost, capacity build, and help acquire and distribute resources identifying those of greatest need.

We at the FoundNation recognize that right now we are facing an unprecedented health crisis the likes of which our communities have only seen similar to during the HIV/AIDS crisis, a time in which many rose to the challenges of providing for those of us who were stricken.

Today we face not only a challenge of public health, but of continuously evolving and increasing measures that threaten the livelihoods of so many.

To that end we pledge all donations will be distributed to recipients within no more than 48 hours from application to distribution.

And also to that end, FoundNation and members of its board will seed this fund with monies allocated for the Ms/Mx/Bootblack contest and events and their own personal funds to launch this effort. All donations are welcome and no donation is too small. As a 501c3 we have authority to distribute funds to those in need without it counting as taxable income and also will provide a tax deduction for any donation as outlined by the rules of operation for non-profit organizations by the Internal Revenue Service.



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